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Anticipated BlackBerry A10 makes alleged video debut

An unofficial video clip supports rumors that the 'Aristo' will be an all-touchscreen device with a 5-inch screen.

Though still cloaked in mystery, BlackBerry's next anticipated flagship phone, the all-touchscreen A10, has seemingly surfaced for the first time in video form in a YouTube clip from smartphone accessory maker Vivix.

The short video shows what appears to be an unreleased BlackBerry device matching the description of the rumored A10 "Aristo," which is said to have a 5-inch touchscreen, an 8MP camera, and a quad-core GPU optimized for gaming. The device also seems to resemble the one pictured in a photo that BGR dug up last week.

CNET previously reported that Sprint Nextel would sell the A10 in the U.S. in November, just in time for the holiday shopping season.

[via Engadget]