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Anthony Carboni shows up and makes us all yell at each other (Tomorrow Daily 387 show notes)

On today's show Anthony Carboni stops by to talk podcasting and "What's News" on Comic-Con HQ. He's not nearly the monster Jeff said he was...or is he?

Here's our weekly bullet list of topics on today's long episode. Enjoy!

  • Headline Deep Dive: We discuss Cozmo the adorable little pet robot, why free-roaming VR experiences will absolutely replace lazer tag, and whether or not Microsoft Research is on the right track when experimenting with bare-handed navigation in virtual environments.
  • Guest: We welcome host and writer Anthony Carboni to the stage to talk about winning podcast awards, his favorite indie games, and why you should be watching "What's News" on Comic-Con HQ. Some of the major panels (like those massive Hall H get togethers we all know and love) will be available to watch on demand soon after they happen, too -- making Comic-Con HQ the best chance of becoming an SDCC expert if you can't attend this year's show.
  • Segment [Mod Squad]: This modded out quadcopter is a small scale replica of the Falcon 9 rocket, complete with droneship landing pad floating in the middle of a pool.
  • Into It: Jeff thinks Battle Dome reminds him of Splatoon; Ashley is highly enjoying Inside, from the same studio that brought us "Limbo."
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We have no concerns about Anthony Carboni (Tomorrow Daily Podcast 387)

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