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Answer the cell phone on a land line

The "Xlink Cellular Gateway" lets you take your land calls on a mobile handset and vice-versa.

Grace Digital

If you're an apartment dweller in Manhattan or San Francisco, you might as well skip this item because it'll probably seem utterly useless. But if you're in any other part of the country--with an abode that's more than a closet-sized studio--this device might actually come in handy.

The "Xlink Cellular Gateway" is a networking hub that lets you take your land-line calls on your mobile phone and vice-versa. That means if you leave your Vertu "Signature Cobra" in your library while retiring to the billiards parlor, you won't miss any important cell calls from the broker.

The $170 Xlink works with up to three mobile handsets as long as they have Bluetooth connections, according to Coolest-Gadgets. And if you misplace your cellie as often as we do, it'll save the cost of getting one of those remote locator devices.