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Another Twitter outage: Sound the alarms!

Governments around the world declare state of emergency as the world goes without Scoble updates for hours. Fate of humanity hangs in the balance.

OK, I'm having a little sport here. And no offense to "The Scobleizer," but Twitter's been down for much of Thursday and, truth be told, civilization, as we know it, continues.

I was debating whether to even post this update considering the service's flaky performance of late. It's reached the point where Twitter's consistently going down. Looking in from the outside, you have to assume that management has a sense of urgency about resolving these glitches, once and for all. Why it's taking seemingly forever to get on top of the problem is only hastening the departure of the Twitterati to alternatives like FriendFeed, which has reported no such funkiness.

Come on, guys. This is getting old fast.

Update 4:05 Pacific Time: Twitter's finally back up. Again looking forward to Scoble-grams as I write these words.