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Another take on Java and app servers

A reader says he believes ATG is moving toward what will be the future of packaged applications.


Another take on Java and app servers

In response to the July 23 column by Chuck Phillips, "Java application servers: The next operating system?":

Chuck Phillips writes: "Additionally, the large-packaged application vendors have turned a cold shoulder to Java application servers. The application companies have built their own application servers and don't want to become dependent on yet another infrastructure provider. Most have provided interfaces into their products but haven't opted to support a third-part application server directly to run their core application logic. Many of the smaller application companies have decided they can't invest enough to be both an infrastructure provider and an application company and have opted for BEA's WebLogic or IBM's WebSphere."

I suggest you have a look at ATG Dynamo 5.5, which announced this month that it is going to support BEA Weblogic, iPlanet Application Server, HP BlueStone Application server, ATG Dynamo Application Server and IBM Websphere (though at a later date) for their Personalization, Commerce, Portal and Enterprise Integration server.

ATG is once again innovating and moving toward what I believe will be the future trend in terms of packaged applications. With this approach, system engineers as you mentioned can focus on the infrastructure, and developers and business analysts can focus on the application and its business logic.

David Le Strat