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Another reason watch the game at home

We'd rather have The Wave, and that's pretty sad.


Anyone who's witnessed the flash-bulb fusillade that accompanies every swing of Barry Bonds' bat knows how distracting they can be to the rest of the crowd. So we shudder to think what a massive LED barrage would look like if it becomes a stadium standard.

The "Fan Light" from FoxFury--which is already trying to make coal miners out of all of us with its headlamps--is peddling its latest bulbs as a way to show your team's true colors, or at least two of them, while in the stands. "With each shake of the arm, the colors alternate," the company says in a press release. "With other Fan Light users next to you, you can creat a light flag/frenzy, making patterns and cheering messages; all without disturbing the individuals around you." Right.

This ranks right up there with the "Taxi Hailer" in the category of dubious lighting uses. We never thought we'd say this, but is it possible to bring back The Wave?