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Another peek at in-the-works BlackBerry OS 6

BlackBerry OS 6 is in the works, and RIM offers its second video glimpse of the overhauled operating system since late April--including the new media player and a Webkit browser.

BlackBerry OS 6 start screen
BlackBerry OS 6 start screen.

If you're salivating for news on the forthcoming BlackBerry OS 6, RIM is throwing out another bone in the form of a video and blog post released Monday.

The video shows the redesigned home screen, universal search, the new media interface, context menus, and a couple of new applications. It also highlights the new BlackBerry browser, which has long been maligned for its sluggishness and light features. RIM's decision to base its new version on the WebKit platform is a move that's sure to go a long way toward easing complaints.

The video also lingers on BlackBerry Messenger, RIM's proprietary BlackBerry-to-BlackBerry instant-messaging service. RIM has also been heavily promoting BlackBerry Messenger (BBM, for short) in San Francisco, which suggests that this is a longtime feature that RIM would like more current users to be aware of, or that it's a feature RIM will be pushing as a greater selling point in stores.

RIM gave us our first glimpse of the OS 6 operating system at the WES conference last April in Orlando, Fla., but so far videos are the closest we've been able to come for a look. So far, so good, but we won't really know until we have the OS at our fingertips.