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Another new Intel Atom Netbook CPU to hit in 2010

According to online leaks, a new higher-end Atom is also joining the party, in the form of the Intel Atom N470.

We've known for a while that updated versions of Intel's Atom chips for Netbooks (code-named Pineview) are slated to appear in the near future, probably around the beginning of next year. Now we may have some new specifics on a previously unknown model.

According to online leaks, a new, higher-end Atom is also joining the party in the form of the Intel Atom N470 (we've alreayd heard about the slower N450 version). The N470 will run at 1.83GHz. It's still a single-core chip, so don't expect a radically different Netbook experience, but it will purportedly integrate graphics and memory control functions, rather than having that built into a separate chipset.

On the plus side, that should help with power efficiency (even though the entire package will have a higher TDP than the current stand-alone N270 Atom), but at the same time, this may cause trouble for those who want to pair an Atom with a different graphics solution, such as the Nvidia Ion.

Of course, this is all speculation based on translated docs, so your millage may vary.