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Another helping of Ubuntu for Dell

Dell says Canonical's version of Linux will be available preinstalled on two more of its PCs, bringing the total to five models.

Dell's showing Linux a little more love this week.

Two more of Dell's consumer PCs now can be preloaded with the Ubuntu version of the open-source operating system, the company announced Wednesday. The Inspiron 1420N notebook and Inspiron 530N desktop can be ordered with Ubuntu 7.04, bringing the company's Linux-based offerings to five. Last month, Dell said the E520n desktop, E1505n notebook and XPS 410n desktop would come with Ubuntu.

Dell Inspiron 1420N
The Dell Inspiron 1420N can be preloaded with Ubuntu 7.04. Dell

Dell says the new offerings are again in response to customer feedback. The Round Rock, Texas, company has attempted to engage better with customers in recent months with blogs and community forums as a way to reinvigorate sales.

Both Inspiron models can be ordered today, but shipments won't begin until mid-July, according to Lionel Menchaca, Dell's digital media manager.