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Another gun accessory takes shot at the Wii

It's a bit more convincing than the Zapper, but not much.


As recently noted by Will Greenwald, one of Crave's resident gaming experts (not to be confused with Resident Evil), the "Wii Zapper" wasn't exactly what virtual gun slingers had anticipated. Perhaps that's why others are seizing the opportunity with alternative shooting controllers like the "Wii Blaster," which looks a little more convincing.

Coolest-Gadgets says you work it by using the Wiimote as the barrel, attaching it kind of like a bayonet but on the top of the pseudo-weapon, while the Nunchuk slides into the handle. It's not bad for a little over $16, but we still think something better will come along. Perhaps manufacturers should take a cue from the makers of the marshmallow cannon.