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Another GPS device goes to the dogs

Garmin updates its canine-tracking collar system.


As consumers are deluged with GPS products, manufacturers are continually looking for ways to expand the market--and that includes non-humans. Tracking technologies for pets (and kids) are hardly new, but Garmin is trying to stay ahead of the pack, literally, with more powerful devices.

The company debuted its original "Astro 220" system only a few months ago, and now it's already coming out with an updated dog collar. The new "Astro DC 30" has a range of 7 miles that's displayed on the correponding handheld device's digital map, according to Gizmodo.

It can track Fido's movements every 5 seconds and operate for up to 36 hours per charge. Or, as fellow Craver Caroline McCarthy suggests, it can surreptiously be used to find out why your regular pizza delivery is always so late.