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Another excuse to play with your food

Barbecue sword spears your franks and sparks some laughs

Not that you needed another excuse to play with your food, but here's one anyway: this Barbecue Sword lets you spear your hot dogs at your next backyard bash.

Featuring a forked end to spear meat or veggies and a fun sword handle, the quirky cooking utensil gives you the chance to avenge your burger buddies or hot-dog honeys. Whether you decide to play a good guy or a bad guy at your barbecue, your guests will appreciate your flair for the dramatic. With your trusty weapon in hand, you can steal rations from the rich (or, in your case, the fridge) and give them to your poor and hungry guests, slaying the beasts growling in their tummies.

In case your acting skills aren't up to par, every sword comes with a musketeer mask.