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Another blindingly ugly digital timepiece

Casio's latest "Baby G" model is a sight not to behold.


Another day, another eye-gougingly ugly high-tech watch. After already being subjected to the latest barely viewable watch phone, we're now forced to cast our poor eyes upon the latest incarnation of Casio's "Baby G" line of timepieces.

At least the earlier model we saw had some phone and media features to brag about, to help offset its homeliness; the Baby G is pretty much just a watch, albeit one known for its ruggedized features, atomic accuracy, and battery technology.

Perhaps its most interesting aspect is its celebrity branding, which features a particularly flamboyant gender-bending phenom in Japan named Ikko, according to Dvice. That might explain why this watch looks as if it would fit perfectly in Liberace's boudoir.