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Another air guitar gadget gets unplugged

Takaratomy releases an acoustic version of its "Air Guitar Pro."


Maybe it has something to do with the change in weather around this time of year, but the air guitar winds are blowing again in force.

Just yesterday the Guitar Hero "Air Guitar Rocker" went on sale, and now we learn of yet another virtual slashing device: The acoustic version of the "Air Guitar Pro," the truncated neck that resembles some form of ritual mutilation of stringed instruments. It's the cousin of the electric version we saw nearly a year ago by Japan's Takaratomy and works pretty much the same way, using infrared sensors to read finger movements on its fretboard and playing the results on a built-in speaker.

A big difference, however, is its $56 price--more than twice as much as its electric predecessor. We hope it's a sufficient deterrant, for all those involved.