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Another 23-inch hybrid monitor from Samsung

The Samsung SyncMaster 2333HD is another hybrid (HDTV/monitor) display.

The 2333HD has Samsung's typical design. Josh Miller/CNET

Monitor-HDTV hybrids are nothing new. In just the last year, we've reviewed several, including the Samsung SyncMaster P2770HD, the P2370HD, and the LG Flatron M237WD. We've finally gotten around to reviewing the SyncMaster 2333HD.

While the relative performance between all four monitors is, roughly, on par, Samsung distinguishes its 2333HD by including an extra HDMI port and a built-in headphone jack. Also, the 2333HD is the cheapest of the four monitors.

Check out the full review to see just how much cheaper it is and for our insights into its other features. Also, be sure to stop by the monitor hub for CNET's latest monitor reviews.