Anon blogger unmasked as GOP political operative

An anonymous Minnesota blogger, who took pains to poke fun at Democrats and question their qualifications for elected office, has been unmasked as a -- gasp! -- Republican political operative.

Michael Brodkorb 'fessed up in a post this week to his blog, Minnesota Democrats Exposed. Brodkorb is a former state Republican Party spokesman.

"My identity is being unveiled today because of lawsuit filed against me by a prominent Democrat consultant." he wrote.

Until now, guessing the identity of the anonymous Republican blogger had become something of a popular sport for Minnesota Democrats.

The Democrat who filed the suit is Blois Olson, the president of a PR firm and a -- gasp! -- Democratic political operative.

The lawsuit claims that the Republican political operative posted defamatory comments about the Democratic political operative relating to the Democratic political operative not getting a consulting contract. There's more, and if you're really interested, the Associated Press has details.

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