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Annoying bug bites Internet Explorer

The latest beta version of Internet Explorer has an annoying bug.

The latest beta version of Microsoft's Internet Explorer browser for Windows is plagued by a bug that can cause an annoying problem with other applications.

The bug, which Microsoft has acknowledged on its "Known Issues" Web page, is found in Internet Explorer 3.0 beta 2 and causes toolbar buttons in other Windows 95 applications, such as ActiveX Control Pad, Wordpad, and Paintbrush, to be grayed out or disabled.

The newsletter Bug Net newsletter first reported the bug and quoted several Windows NT 4.0 beta testers complaining about problems with Internet Explorer 3.0, including corruption of Windows NT system variables.

Microsoft officials said that the bug did not appear to be causing widespread problems but that it plans to fix the problem in the final release of Internet Explorer 3.0, which is due this summer. In the meantime, the company has suggested a temporary solution on its Known Issues page.

"This bug affects a very small percentage of our users," said Kevin Unangst, product manager for Internet Explorer. "We plan on fixing this with the final release of 3.0. If it affects enough users where we feel we need to refresh the code before then, we'll do that."

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