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Ankles away! FlyFit fitness tracker worn on leg, not wrist

Bicyclists in particular may be attracted to the FlyFit ankle-mounted fitness tracker on Kickstarter.

FlyFit fitness tracker
The FlyFit comes in five colors, including cyan. FlyFit

It's hard to stand out from the crowd of fitness trackers, but the FlyFit hopes to do so via crowdfunding -- and by attaching itself to a different body part than normal. The gadget fits around your ankle, not your wrist.

The FlyFit shares plenty of similarities with other trackers. It works with an iOS or Android app to collect and track data about your everyday activities, exercise efforts, and sleep quality. The biggest difference is its ability to measure leg movements. It can differentiate between walking, going up stairs, or biking. That may make it a more accurate tracking choice for people who bike a lot since the stability of the wrists during biking can fool some fitness devices into thinking you're not moving much.

The waterproof design also makes it capable of going into the water. In swimming mode, it tracks the number of leg strokes you make.

The FlyFit is going for a $99 pledge. The project is nearly halfway to its $90,000 goal with 34 days left to go.

Wrist-mounted fitness trackers don't meet everyone's needs. It seems like FlyFit could forge a viable path with its focus on leg movements and real-time data. The early funding push appears to be going strong. What do you think? Do you have room for a new fitness gadget on your ankle?

FlyFit fitness tracker on biker
The FlyFit is for people who don't like things on their wrists. FlyFit