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Anki's Cozmo robot is a mashup of adorable and AI (Tomorrow Daily 384)

We can't wait to get our hands on this cute little robot; he's got some neat features we're dying to try out.

We're already head over heels for Anki's newest creation: Cozmo, a tiny robot that the company claims is one of "the most sophisticated consumer robots available today." Anki says it worked very hard on giving Cozmo a legitimate personality that adjusts and learns based on how you play with it, which makes us excited to see a finished version later this year.

Also on today's show, we're discussing three grad students at Johns Hopkins University responsible for GRAD, a game controller made to be worn on a user's feet. One of the designers lost his hands after a meningitis infection, and the loss served as an inspiration to give video gaming control back to anyone who might have similar issues.

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Cute Cozmo robot is as close as we get to a real-life WALL-E (Tomorrow Daily Podcast 384)

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