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Animoto, Kodak partner to breathe life into photos

The movie-creation service powers Kodak Gallery's new video slideshow tool.

Kodak Gallery users now have one more way of viewing and sharing their photos with the addition of video slideshows powered by Animoto. For those unfamiliar with Animoto, the site/service takes your photos and video clips and edits them together into a single movie using its Cinematic Artificial Intelligence. The best part is that little is required from the user beyond uploading files and picking music, and that's pretty much the same for the Kodak service.

Actually, if you already have your photos on Gallery, you just have to pick the photos and the music you want to use; there's a bunch of tracks to pick from. Once you've picked your photos and music, it will generate a 30-second video sample that you can view for up to 7 days. If you don't like the results the first time, you can run it through again; the photos stay in the same order, but it will have different transitions and picking a slower or faster song will effect the transition speed, too.

Once you've got something you like, a full-length video slideshow is $2.99 for a mobile-phone quality video (270p), $4.99 for TV-quality (480p), and $9.99 for HD-quality (720p). Also, Kodak's letting you create your first mobile-quality slideshow gratis.