Animatone Snug makes portable speakers cute and cuddly

Zagg, which specializes in accessories for electronics, introduces a sound amplifier aimed at kids. It comes in Priscilla Pink and Charlie Chimp.

Animatone in Priscilla Pink. Donna Tam/CNET

It doesn't get any cuter than Priscilla Pink or Charlie Chimp when it come to speaker equipment for kids.

Zagg -- which specializes in accessories for electronics -- introduced the Animatone Snug, a stuffed animal that doubles as a portable speaker, at CES 2013.

The company decided to drop its BoostPlus speaker into a fluffy doll and add it to its children's products line, Frogz. The BoostPlus is a speaker that amplifies the sound of a media device when it's placed on top of it, no wires or Bluetooth required.

Add a device pouch to the doll and you've got a speaker kids can carry around while streaming movies or music. Zagg's Director of Marketing Brad Bell said the company realized the function of the BoostPlus was appealing to children because employees' kids would take them from their parents and walk around the office with them.

The doll will sell for $49.99 and it comes in Priscilla Pink and Charlie Chimp (yellow).

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