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Low-budget animal shelter commercial goes viral on charm

An animal rescue group's ad pulls in the online views thanks to a tech pun, "South Park" joke, sheer enthusiasm and lots of cute cats.

Furkids Animal Rescue in Atlanta needed to advertise its adoptable cats, but it didn't exactly have a Hollywood film budget to work with. The shelter posted its homemade "Kitty Kommercial" on YouTube in late December, but got a January surprise when it went viral and logged nearly 1.2 million views after capturing the attention of Reddit users.

The ad is a parody of used-car salesmen commercials. A guy in a cheap suit runs through all the reasons you should adopt a cat from Furkids. But there's a lot more going on here. Behold the special moment when a woman in a pink sweater acts as an inflatable arm-waving tube person. Embrace the excellent "South Park" joke that pops up randomly in the middle ("I need about three-kitty.").

There's even a delightfully bad tech pun: "2016 models are compatible with Windows," the salesman says as he teases some kittens through an actual window.

Even singer Sarah McLachlan's heart-wrenching ASPCA commercial gets the parody treatment with an intentionally terrible cover version of "Angel."

You'll probably want to adopt all the available cats after watching this ad. "You don't like tails? No problem! Get a cat without one!" our salesman enthuses. "All of our cats are self-cleaning and cleaning and cleaning and cleaning..." And if you're not into cats, that's OK. The shelter has dogs, too.