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Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp comes to your phone Nov. 22

The popular Nintendo game will arrive on Apple and Android devices this week, and will feature microtransactions.

The creators of Nintendo's hotly anticipated mobile version of Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp have announced that the game will arrive for Android and iOS devices this Wednesday, Nov. 22.

Animal Crossing will be the fourth Nintendo title to make its way onto mobile following the releases of Miitomo, Super Mario Run and Fire Emblem Heroes. The game lets you manage a campsite populated with cute critters by performing tasks and challenges to upgrade its comfort and decor. A new in-game currency called "Leaf Tickets" will offer a way for impatient gamers to spend real money to purchase upgrades ahead of schedule.

Outside of the addition of Leaf Tickets, the game features the same gameplay and graphics as the original Animal Crossing, which debuted outside of Japan on the Nintendo GameCube in 2002 before crossing over to the portable Nintendo DS.