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Angry Birds tips: Get more from your arsenal with our guide to every bird

We know a lot of you out there love Angry Birds, but we also know that getting those fabled three stars can be something of a challenge. We guide you through every bird on offer...

Alright maggot, so you wanted to get three stars on every level of Angry Birds, but you didn't have the cojones to build up your own skill set and decided to Google for tips instead. Well don't worry, we're not here to judge -- CNET UK is going to break you down and build you back up again in our own, Godlike image. Prepare yourself soldier, you're about to become an Angry Birds master, starting with learning about the actual birds themselves...

The Red Bird

Once you get access to the full range of birds, you'll probably be a bit bored of the standard red bird -- after all he doesn't have any powers! But don't underestimate his strength. This bird is stronger than he looks, and while he's not very useful for actually destroying obstacles, he can give them a good nudge. We recommend aiming Red at the base of the structure for maximum demolition.

The Blue Bird

The scattershot blue bird is unlocked in world one level 10, and when you tap this diminutive fellow he'll split into three smaller projectile birds.

Occasionally the game will ask you to hit three specific targets at the same time using only one bird, which is difficult and annoying. More generally you'll be using poor Blue to chip away at Pig edifices.

The Blue bird's scattershot projectiles devastate glass (for some reason) but will bounce ineffectually off most other materials. For maximum effect you'll want to explode this bird a little before impact -- you don't want the three projectiles landing too far from each other, but at the same time if they cluster close to each other, you may as well be firing just one bird. Get the happy medium right however, and the three birds will bounce around in close proximity, wreaking extra environmental havok.

The Yellow Bird

The yellow bird is unlocked at world one, level 16, and as you've probably figured out, his main ability is a superb speed boost when you tap the screen. However, the key to success is deploying this ability at the right moment. Boost him too soon and Yellow will lose most of his momentum by the time he slams into his target. The right point to boost is usually at the top of his arc, or soon after for maximum effect.

Yellow will tear through wood like it's nothing, but is pretty useless against anything else, so make sure you utilise him accordingly.

Yellow is potentially the most accurate bird, as once you use your boost he'll head more or less in a straight line. If you need to hit a tiny, fiddly target, this bird is your best bet.

The Black Bird

Once launched, this volatile bird will violently explode if you tap the screen, sending out shockwaves of relentless destruction bound to vanquish any bacon-flavoured baddies unlucky enough to be standing nearby. But how do you get the most bang for your buck?

No other bird is so effective at destroying stone as this one, so if there are any rock emplacements you need to remove, this is the bird to utilise. Don't explode this bird as soon as it gets near an obstacle -- instead try and sink it into the structure itself, then wait for it to detonate spontaneously -- you want to blow materials outwards ideally. Obviously if there are any explosive crates nearby, make sure they're within range of the blast.

The White Bird

The white bird (unlocked at world two, level 14) drops an explosive egg payload when you tap the screen. You might question the wisdom of exploding these eggs (wasn't the whole point to save some eggs?), but it can't be denied that they're a useful tool to keep in your avian arsenal.

There are two main tips for using this bird. Firstly, aiming a nice high arc will mean your bird travels forward at a slower pace, making timing your drops much, much easier. Secondly -- and this one is tricky -- you can squeeze in some extra devastation by dropping your eggs at the last minute, so that the white bird is propelled into some additional material before losing momentum.

The Green Bird (AKA Boomerang Bird)

An advanced bird that demands advanced tactics -- the boomerang bird whips back on itself and flies backwards when you tap the screen. The trickiest thing about this bird is mastering its awkward trajectory.

Use the boomerang bird to eat away at structures from both sides. Very sneaky.

The Really Big Red Bird

Introduced in world nine, there's not a whole lot to say about this bird -- he's massive, he's angry and he's powerful. Unleash him on enemy fortifications and he'll smack 'em upside the head like nobody's business. There are no real tactics to employ here, only pure unbridled devastation. If you've made it far enough to unlock this monstrous bird, you're already good enough to discard this entire article.