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Angry Birds slingshot attaches to Golden Arches in China

Pork lo mein is no longer the greatest threat to pigs in China. Angry Birds is teaming up with McDonald's and launching a giant Red Bird from the Golden Arches.

McDonald's with Angry Bird
I'm assuming this is aimed at a Burger King. Ads of the World

China already embraced Angry Birds with an unauthorized theme park attraction. Now Angry Birds is embracing China back with some enthusiastic cross-marketing with McDonald's.

Angry Birds maker Rovio is already pumping a lot of time, energy, and money into the Chinese market, but it's getting even more serious by invading 1,500 McDonald's locations there.

The centerpiece of the push is a giant slingshot attached to the Golden Arches with Red Bird waiting patiently to be flung from the other end. It doesn't look like the big bird will actually get to go flying, though. You'll just have to use your imagination.

Only one lucky McDonald's location will get to host the giant bird and slingshot combo, but the rest will join in with special game modes and free power-ups available to customers who stop by for burgers.

The giant slingshot marketing stunt just goes to show how much Rovio is betting on China for expanding its popular brand.

Unfortunately, the Golden Arches has missed a golden opportunity to offer special Angry Birds McNuggets and Green Pig McRibs. This does lead us to ponder the eternal question: Which part of the Bomb Bird is the nugget?

(Via Business Insider)