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Angry Birds playgrounds land on parks near you in 2012

Angry Birds playgrounds will be hitting the UK soon, featuring swings, slides and sand pits.

Angry Birds-themed playgrounds will be hitting the UK soon, allowing children to frolic on themed swings, slides and the like.

As if sailing past the 500 million download mark wasn't enough, Angry Birds developer Rovio has signed a global deal with playground manufacturer (best job ever?) Lappset Group, the Telegraph reports.

The first playgrounds will arrive in Finland next year, winging their way to British parks shortly after.

Sand pits, animal spring rides -- you know, the ones you'll inevitably fall off -- climbing towers with slides and swings will all be part of the park lineup, with the planet's favourite furious feathered ones incorporated into the artwork.

Theappside was supplied with artists' renders of the park equipment by Lappset's PR agency -- you can see one such snap at the top of this story. 

Fingers crossed the park itself is built a little more sturdily than the pigs' towers in Angry Birds. On the other hand, perhaps the in-game pigs wouldn't be so scuppered by falling a short distance if they put some of that squishy tarmac stuff underneath their fortresses.

We remember a time that Angry Birds making its way into the real world used to make us shake our heads with disbelief, but nothing surprises us any more. With Angry Birds board games, stuffed toys and cook books already on the shelves, we've come to accept that the Angry Birds, and their bacon-flavoured buddies, are an inescapable part of our lives.

Would you take your kids to play in the Angry Birds playground? What kind of Angry Birds rides would you like to see? Tell us in the comments, or on our Facebook wall.

Image credit: Theappside