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Angry Birds headed to Windows Phone 7 in spring

Game is one of six headed to Microsoft's Windows Phone 7 platform in "late spring." The title was famously misused in Microsoft marketing materials ahead of any official release announcement.

Angry Birds icon

Rovio's hit game Angry Birds is landing on Microsoft's Windows Phone 7 platform in "late spring," along with five other titles beginning on a weekly basis.

Microsoft announced the title's inclusion as part of its Spring Showcase event, taking place today in San Francisco.

CNET readers might remember the small kerfuffle that took place prior to the launch of Windows Phone 7, with Microsoft placing an icon of Angry Birds in its online Windows Phone marketing materials. Rovio quickly responded saying it had not committed to doing a version for the platform, and that Microsoft had put the icon on its marketing site without the company's permission. After quickly pulling it down, Microsoft chalked it up as a mistake, saying the graphic was not meant to go live.

Along with Angry Birds, other games that will be released (one per week) include: Doodle Jump, Plants vs. Zombies, Hydro Thunder Go, Sonic the Hedgehog 4 Episode 1, and geoDefense. Hydro Thunder Go and geoDefense are both being published under the Microsoft Game Studios brand.

Microsoft says all six titles will include integration with Xbox Live for things like leaderboards, achievements, and online presence. Pricing has yet to be announced, though a Microsoft representative told CNET that it will be in line with other Xbox Live-enabled Windows Phone titles.

Update at 3:30 p.m. PT February 25: Microsoft has drawn back from offering a solid release date on Angry Birds and now says that the title--along with the rest of the aforementioned games--will appear on the Windows Phone Marketplace in "late spring." This story has been updated to reflect that information.