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Angry Birds Halloween getups so cool it's spooky

This year's hottest game and its corresponding costumes will make this All Hallow's Eve so much hipper than the one we dressed up like Tetris blocks.

The Angry Birds perpetual merchandising machine keeps right on rolling toward All Hallow's Eve.

By now, the never-ending battle between egg-addicted swine and those vengeful, victimized avian avatars is certainly a more well-known feud than the respective tiffs between the Montagues and Capulets, the Hatfields and the McCoys, or even the North and the South.

So, having eclipsed such centuries-old cultural touchstones, it's probably about time we started dressing our kids up like chubby green pigs and pissed-off birds and sending them over to the neighbors' place to beg for corn syrup in all its assorted forms. Who's with me?

That rustling sound is a bajillion online retailers raising their hands at once. Any number of outlets like Costume Discounters are offering a full line of surprisingly awesome Angry Birds Halloween costumes this year.

Most of what's available from an untold amount of resellers comes from Scranton, Penn.-based Paper Magic Group, which makes all kinds of seasonal goodies from Christmas cards and Valentines to costumes. And no, that's not a typo for all you fans of "The Office"--your Angry Birds costume does in fact come from a Scranton-based paper company. Perhaps Dwight Schrute had a hand in crafting that fine pig outfit.

Check out this video of some of the costumes in action, set to a funky Latin dance beat. Turns out it's more interesting to reenact even the most basic Angry Birds level than the most complicated Civil War battle between the North and South. Sorry, history.