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Angry Birds gets squawky with speakers

Gear4 gears up to release speakers shaped like the game's stars, Red Bird, Helmet Pig, and Black Bird. Amplify the game's squeals and jaunty tunes along with your music and video collection.

Angry Birds speakers from Gear4
Angry Birds finds yet another way to invade your life. Gear4

You can play Angry Birds on your tablet, phone, or Web browser. You can cover your mobile device with an Angry Birds case. There is a board game. T-Mobile created a life-size version. There may even be an Angry Birds movie on the horizon.

In case you haven't reached Angry Birds saturation, you will soon be able to pick up some officially licensed Angry Birds speakers from Gear4. The speakers come in the shapes of Red Bird ($89.99), Helmet Pig ($119.99), and Black Bird ($129.99) and should hit stores in September.

Red Bird works with a 3.5mm cable and includes a stand for a music player or tablet. Helmet Pigs comes equipped with an iPod/iPhone dock on the top of its head. Black Bird's stand includes a dock that will also charge your iPad.

The obvious use for these speakers is to amplify your Angry Birds gaming experience. Just resist the temptation to pick up your Red Bird speaker and fling it at the Helmet Pig speaker.