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Angry Birds gets a free Easter update

If you're an Angry Birds Seasons owner, get your bunny on with with 15 new levels' worth of Easter-themed pig-popping. Make it 18 if you "like" the game.

There's a major holiday approaching, and that can mean only one thing: a new Angry Birds Seasons update! Sure enough, version 1.4.0 just roosted in the App Store, bringing with it 15 new levels for everybody's favorite chocolate-infused holiday (besides Halloween): Easter.

As Angry fans know, this is becoming a regular happening. After Angry Birds Halloween made its debut last year, developer Rovio followed up with free Christmas-themed levels--and changed the app's name to Seasons.

In February, things turned romantic with new Angry Birds levels for Valentine's Day. In March, the Birds celebrated St. Patrick's Day with more new levels. And, here we are, just a month later, with pigs wearing bunny ears.

As with all previous updates, this one's free. If you're new to Angry Birds, the 99-cent app comes with all five holidays' worth of levels--around 115 in all, by my count.

And that's before "liking" the game on Facebook (by tapping an in-game button), which unlocks a handful of bonus levels. All told, Seasons delivers quite a lot of bird-flinging bang for the buck--and there's no doubt more to come. (What holiday will be next? I suppose Father's Day isn't too likely, darn it.)

Angry Birds Seasons 1.4.0 is available for Android, iPhone/iPod, and iPad. And while we're on the subject of Easter, be sure to check out these six egg-cellent Easter apps for iOS.