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Angry Birds become lovebirds in Valentine's Day edition

Valentine's Day is fast approaching, and lovebirds can celebrate with a love-themed version of Angry Birds for Android.

Love is all you need. Love will find a way. What is love? Baby, don't hurt me. Valentine's Day is fast approaching, and lovebirds can celebrate with a Valentine-themed version of Angry Birds for Android.

There's no love lost between irritated avians and their porcine opponents in the smash-hit mobile game, even at this fluffiest time of year. A new level is revealed in a feature on the game's developer Rovio on German TV channel Deutsche Welle, profiling the creators and exploring the phenomenon of casual gaming. The video winds up with a look at the team's latest creation: the Valentine's Day-themed update.

The lovestruck levels feature pink and pastel-hued backdrops and heart-shaped structures. Previous themed updates to Angry Birds Season have been free updates, so this could well show up on your phone like a card from a mystery admirer with suspiciously similar handwriting to your mum.

Has the whole world gone Angry Birds mad? It looks that way. Our fine feathered friends have escaped the confines of our phones, with the badass birdies appearing in a movie, a board game, and even swarming the West End of London.

To prepare for the romantic rumble, brush up on our tips to get more from your angry avian arsenal.