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Andy Serkis reads Trump's tweets as Gollum, and it's precious

Stephen Colbert lets the renowned performer take the US president's words for a whirl. Do they know what "covfefe" means down in Middle-earth?

For some of us, Andy Serkis will forever be Gollum. And Tuesday on "The Late Show With Stephen Colbert," the actor famed for his performance-capture roles and voice work headed back to Middle-earth for just a few minutes.

Colbert asked Serkis to read a few of President Donald Trump's tweets, and the results were just precious. Serkis even jumped up on his chair, Gollum-style, to deride the "fake news media" in the creepy creature's voice. Even the president's famous "covfefe" tweet got the Gollum treatment.

Take a watch, you may never look at the president's Twitter feed in quite the same way again.