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Android's Opera Mini browser gets session restore

An update to Opera Mini on Android brings the mobile browser true full-screen browsing and a form of session restore.

Opera logo

Opera continues updating the "Mini" version of its mobile browser for Android phones with some noticeable tweaks and enhancements.

The Wednesday release of Opera Mini 5.1 for Android brings sundry features such as setting Opera Mini as the default browser, and seeing the entire screen when you switch to full-screen mode.

The best addition is that Opera Mini can save your session within an hour of starting it, if the browser accidentally closes while working in the background. This is a similar provision to the session restore in Opera Mini for the iPhone.

Opera Mini 5.1 also supports 96 languages in the interface, and has undergone some back-end fixes to improve scrolling and the look of the page layout on high-resolution screens.

It's available for free from the Android Market on your phone, or by visiting