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Android users download the most data

Owners of Android smartphones grab an average of 582MB of data every month, though iPhone users seem to do slightly more with their phones, says a new study from Nielsen.


Users of Apple's iPhone typically do a bit more with their phones, but Android owners are grabbing the largest amount of data each month, according to a study released yesterday by Nielsen.

Analzying almost 65,000 cell phone bills in the U.S. during the first quarter of the year, Nielsen found that Android users on average gulped 582MB of data each month, compared with iPhone users, who grabbed 492MB of data.

The difference in data usage is significant because iPhone users seem to do slightly more with their phones.

The study discovered that 79 percent of iPhone owners had downloaded apps in the prior 30 days, compared with 74 percent of Android owners. A total of 46 percent of iPhone users streamed music or mobile radio stations online, compared with 43 percent of Android users. And 37 percent of iPhone owners watched TV or videos through their phones, compared with 35 percent of Android owners.


Looking at other mobile platforms, HP's WebOS surprisingly took third place in consuming a significant amount of data each month, followed by Microsoft's Windows Phone 7 and Windows Mobile, with RIM's BlackBerry taking up the rear.

A Nielsen survey conducted in April found Android in top place in the overall mobile market, owned by 36 percent of smartphone users, leaving Apple's iOS with a 26 percent share and RIM with 23 percent.