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Android-powered Nokia Lumia phone rumored

Website @evleaks reports that Microsoft is planning a Lumia phone that runs on Google's Android OS, instead of Microsoft's own Windows Phone system.

The Nokia Lumia 630, powered by Windows Phone. CNET

Microsoft's Nokia handset business is working on an Android-powered phone for its flagship Lumia line, website @evleaks said Monday.

Microsoft purchased Nokia's handset business in April for about $7.2 billion, in an effort to gain more market share for its Windows Phone mobile operating system and to catch up in the cell phone business against Samsung Electronics and Apple. Nokia, which remains in business as a networking company, was already Microsoft's closest partner in smartphones prior to the acquisition and was one of the biggest backers of the Windows Phone operating system.

Using Google's Android operating system in Nokia's Lumia line would seem to go against Microsoft and Nokia's

long-term commitment to Windows Phone. However, the benefits of providing an Android-powered phone could help boost sales, as Google's operating system benefits from a thriving selection of apps and is widely used, while Windows Phone remains an also-ran for developers looking to come out with new mobile software.

Android currently dominates the smartphone operating system market, capturing 81 percent of market share as of the first quarter, while Windows Phone only had about 3 percent share, according to researcher IDC.

A Microsoft representative wasn't immediately available for comment.