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Android Pay banks on Chase, Santander for new users

One of the largest banks in the US is finally available for the mobile payment system.


As of Wednesday, Android Chase customers can use their Chase Visa cards with Android Pay, the mobile payment system for the OS announced in May 2015.

Chase was one of the first US banks on board when Apple Pay was announced in September 2014, and added support for Samsung Pay on Samsung Galaxy devices in November 2015. (A full list of Android Pay-supported US banks can be found here.)

Over the coming weeks in the UK, Santander and TSB customers will be able to use Android Pay, too. Domino's in Australia, Hungryhouse in the UK, and Grubhub and Seamless in the US now accept Android Pay for order-ahead in-app purchases as well.

Lastly, starting Wednesday through October 15, Android Uber customers can get 50 percent off 10 rides if they use Android Pay. It's only good for up to $5 a ride, but still a good reason to add Android Pay to your Uber payment options.

You can see the full announcement on the Official Android Blog.