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Android now running on 130 million devices, with 550,000 activated daily

Google's been touting the success of its Android platform again, as its little green robot gets closer to matching the iPhone's uptake.

A whopping 130 million devices worldwide now run Android, according to Google.

The search behemoth made the announcement during its quarterly earnings call, and also said that it's activating a mind-bending 550,000 Android devices every day.

Only two months ago, Google claimed to be activating 400,000 Android devices daily, announcing that it had passed the 100 million devices milestone. That gives you an idea of quite how rapidly the geeky green robot is spreading across the globe.

Apple's still on top for now, though. The House of Jobs reckoned it had shifted 200 million iOS devices as of early June. But it looks like Android is rapidly closing the gap.

Spare a thought for any manufacturer trying to launch a new operating system at the moment. HP is pushing webOS on its TouchPad, BlackBerry maker RIM has a new OS on its PlayBook, and, of course, there's Microsoft's Windows Phone 7. With Apple and Google dominating such enormous swathes of the market, persuading anybody to switch to a new platform is going to be seriously tough.

Android makes us feel all fuzzy inside, but, despite becoming slicker and slicker, it still feels pretty geeky compared to Apple's iOS. That said, it grants you far more freedom to tinker with your mobile.

Are you hopelessly devoted to Android? Or would you rather see those 130 million green robots decommissioned and fired into the sun? Let us know in the comments or on our Facebook wall.