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Android keyboard app leaks personal data of 31 million users

AI.type's server wasn't password-protected, but has since been secured, according to a report.

James Martin/CNET

Personal data for more than 31 million users of an Android keyboard app called AI.type has leaked online, according to ZDNet and researchers at the Kromtech Security Center

The app's database server wasn't password-protected, which meant anyone could access more than 577 gigabytes of personal data, according to the report that was released today. The data was eventually secured after ZDNet attempted to contact the app's creator, Eitan Fitusi.

Fitusi said in an email that the database in question contained about 50 percent of users' basic data "about user use patterns of the keyboard." He said the app is not collecting, storing or sending any password or credit card information.

According to ZDNet, each user record contains the user's location and basic info such as the user's full name, email addresses and how many days the app was installed. 

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