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Android Ice Cream Sandwich images reveal new look

The first pictures of Ice Cream Sandwich, the next generation of Google's Android software, reveal a new-look interface.

Would you like a Flake with that? These are the first pictures of Ice Cream Sandwich, the next generation of Google's Android software for mobile phones and tablets.

Photos of Ice Cream Sandwich running on a Nexus S phone were sent by a mystery deep throat-type character to Android-focused blogs Android Police and RootzWiki. There's a new look for the interface, with lashings of blue replacing the early green theme, a new launcher and what appears to be an app switcher in the bottom right.

Notifications get a long-awaited overhaul, just in time for Apple to nick the design. Gmail has a new look too.

On the hardware side, near-field communication (for mobile payment) is supported on relevant phones and there's a panorama mode to take sweeping wide shots with your phone's camera.

Ice Cream Sandwich will probably be version 4.0 of Android, bringing together features from version 2.3 Gingerbread, found on mobile phones -- and version 3 Honeycomb, for tablets. For the full inside scoop (honk!) on Android, check out our Android updates guide, detailing all the features of every version.

Ice Cream Sandwich is set to make its first appearance on the Google Nexus Prime and the Nexus S. It'll then be rolled out as an update on other Android phones and tablets. It seems older devices will be able to run the new update, so fingers crossed your phone will get some Ice Cream Sandwich tastiness.

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