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Android growth illustrated in jaw-dropping activation timeline video

The next time someone says no one has an Android phone, you can issue a smackdown that features video and proves the OS is doing very well indeed.

Whenever Steve Jobs is on stage, he can't help himself. "We've activated another 20 trillion iPhones," he spits from above his polo-neck. "iPhone is the most popular smart phone in the galaxy. IN ANY GALAXY." We're sure he's right, but once in a while it's refreshing to see a different view. This video shows the roaring success of Android by mapping activations over the past three years -- and it's mind-blowing.

We're still bowled over that Android has managed to grab as big a share as it has. After all, it's really geeky. That said, it's no accident that the two most significant events in the life of Android have been the Droid and Galaxy S launches -- two enormous marketing campaigns.

And it's no coincidence that Samsung and Motorola are two of the companies that have most heavily invested in making the Android experience as user-friendly as possible. As much as we adore some other Android devices, we don't think the Nexus One could ever have had the impact that these customised, user-oriented phones have managed.

We hope the growth of Android continues, and it sounds like it will. After all, your options are decreasing all the time -- Nokia, we're looking at you -- and Android is a great mobile OS. In a few years time, there will be more Android-powered devices on the planet than any other single OS, and we, for one, welcome our green robot overlords.

We've embedded the video here, for the bone idle, but please, for the love of Droids, go to YouTube and watch it in 1080p.