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Android battery life: Terrible, or just plain bad? (Poll)

Six days of standby time? Most Android devices I've tried are lucky to last one. Here's your chance to weigh in on this (sorry) powerful issue.

Do you own an Android-powered smartphone or tablet? If so, how's your battery life?

I ask because based on what I've heard from others and experienced myself, it's atrocious. And I'm wondering if it's symptomatic of the Android platform as a whole, or just the nature of modern-day mobile gear. Cast your vote in our poll, then meet me below for more discussion.

As I noted in a recent BNET post, "The dirty Android secret no one's talking about," I first encountered battery issues with the Virgin Mobile Samsung Intercept. Out of the box, it couldn't last 24 hours--even with e-mail sync and other battery-consuming tasks disabled.

Rather, I'd start the day with it fully charged, and by late afternoon it would be dead. Thankfully, freeware app JuiceDefender made a huge difference, allowing me to go a full two days without AC assistance.

Then I updated the OS from 2.1 to 2.2 (Froyo), which I'd heard was much better at power management--and battery life actually got worse. Now, once again, I'm lucky to get 24 hours.

Last week I had the opportunity to review Samsung's Galaxy Tab Wi-Fi, which I found to be excellent overall--until the next morning, when I woke up to--wait for it--a dead tablet. The aforementioned JuiceDefender helps a little, but ultimately the Tab is seriously hobbled by its battery. And I am seriously disappointed.

Or perhaps I'm just spoiled. See, my iPad is the Energizer Bunny of tablets. I can easily go a week without charging it, including a few days when I don't even pick it up. It doesn't just sit there consuming power when it's off, which obviously the Galaxy Tab does.

Likewise, my iPhone 4 seems to sip juice, not guzzle it. I may see low-battery warnings after two days off the charger, but I very rarely pick it up and find it to be dead.

So those are my experiences. Now let's hear yours. Does your Android phone or tablet have disappointing battery life? Or are you just accustomed to plugging it in at night, no big deal? Heck, maybe your device hums along for days without needing a recharge. Whatever the case, tell me about it in the comments!