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Android Atlas Weekly Ep. 76: Nerd rage!

Upon hearing the latest Galaxy Nexus disappointment, we take some time to discuss all that's wrong with Android.

Upon hearing the latest Galaxy Nexus disappointment, we take some time to discuss all that's wrong with Android.

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-Verizon isn't blocking Google Wallet, it's a different kind of app

-Rumor: Verizon Galaxy Nexus delayed...again

-Google engineer explains why Android UI will never be as fluid as iOS or WP7

-Verizon announces pair of Droid Xyboard tablets

-Does the Kindle Fire have serious usability issues?

-Android Is Winning

-Android Market: 10 Billion Apps Served So Far, And Another 1 Billion Each Month

-Developer Gets Android 4.0 Up and Booting On The Amazon Kindle Fire




Hey guys,

Sorry for the badly written letter to you last week about the galaxy nexus being branded by Verizon. I sent it between meetings that day and meant to be more detailed.
I’ve had several friends that were waiting for the phone and got something else because of Verizon putting their logo on it and apparent Verizon bloatwear. They said that Verizon is destroying the idea of the Nexus line up, which is supposed to be like the iPhone and be completely free of any carrier tampering.
To me, I’m like you guys, I don’t care but if i had to choose a side, it would be against it. If Google is going to start letting the carriers call the shots on there flags ship devices, they shouldn’t bother worrying about making a pure Google phone anymore. Just make a Nexus device or just the software, release it and let the carriers have their way with it.

Thanks for taking the time to read my letter. –Matt


Hi Antgoo, Justin, i have a question about my samsung galaxy s2. when i plug something into the headphone jack (oldskool cassette adapter) the microphone will mute making it impossible for people to hear me when trying to do hands-free while i am driving. i looked in the settings but i dont see anything about how to change that setting; i must be missing something?

app of the week suggestion: palm os graffiti for android (

thanks –schneidz


Can you move the show to an hour later? Or move it back to Thursday? I can’t ever watch it anymore at the current slot. It stinks for me. –Jason


Hey guys, I’ve only been watching your show for a little while, but so far, I love it. I just have a question that you might (and hopefully) be able to help me with. I’m really big into ROMs and rooting and “all that” for my DROID2. Right now, I am running an off build of CM7, it’s the RevNumbers ROM that I found in ROM Manager. This was really the first time I’ve actually stuck with a ROM because I like it so much. But there was one disappointment, however. Coming from the Stock ROM for the DROID2, it allows me to charge the phone with the device powered off via the Charge Only App (I believe that’s what it’s called since that’s what’s in the /system/apps folder. When I just tried to charge my phone powered off, it was not able to do so. So I went back into the stock ROM and copied the two Charge Only files that I saw, one was ChargeOnlyMode.apk, and another one was ChargeOnlyMode.odex (I think). Either way, I tried moving them, the move was successful, however, charging the phone powered off, was not a success :-(. Do you know why this would be happening? How can I get my phone to be powered off and still able to charge?

Another question I have is with the Android Market website. Since I just installed a new ROM on my phone, I need to get all of my apps back (I don’t use Titanium Backup). So, I usually go onto the website. Now it seems that after the eleventh page of apps, the rest are blank. Why is this so? Can this be fixed by my self, or would I have to wait until Google realizes it?

Thanks guys, I really hope you can help me with my issues, more so the first one though. I can tell that this email is going to be waaaay to long to read on the show, so if you don’t have time to read it on air, that’s fine, just please try to respond!

Thanks. –Mike


Hey Guys,
I have just ordered the Galaxy Nexus mobile and feel that this is a good choice for me, as my next phone. Although
my good friend has advised me that I have made a mistake and should have chosen the latest iphone. He is admittedly an Apple follower,
but he had raised some doubts about the Android market and that, in his words, “a billion people can’t be wrong”. I know Antuan would
say for people who are less techy, to go for the iphone, but i’m not sure that the Android market is that bad. Any advise would be appreciated.

Hassan Waheed




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