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Android Atlas Weekly Ep. 74: Is Android too complex for your mom? (Podcast)

Justin thinks Android is still to complex for beginners, Antuan says nice things about Apple, and someone crams a whole Android-based computer onto a USB key.

Justin thinks Android is still to complex for beginners, Antuan says nice things about Apple, and someone crams a whole Android-based computer onto a USB key.

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-CONFIRMED: Samsung Galaxy Nexus U.S. Launch Is In December

-Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich review: Cool, confident, chaotic

-Android 4.0 supports mass storage, Galaxy Nexus does not

-Want Android 4.0? Wait 2 months, says Cyanogen

Samsung Mocks Apple Ad

-Google: 200 million Android devices now active worldwide

-After iPad, Kindle Fire most desired tablet, study finds

-Cotton Candy'-Android computer on a stick

APP of the WEEK:

-Elder Sign: Omens


Nice move inviting Ipad evangelist Donald Bell to an ANDROID show lol...
You know he gave a totally unbiased opinion on the Amazon Fire tablet.
Nice job.

Edgar the M. Boss


Hey guys,

Love your show and hope to make your podcasts my morning radio alternative during my commutes to work.

I've had suspicions that this could be a problem but thought I was fairly safe. I've had Lookout Mobile Security, which has virus protection, installed on my phone since I first had a T-Mobile G1 phone long ago. But if I was a malicious entity and wanted to collect personal information the Android smart phone would be an easy target, I think.

Last week there was a discussion in the news about Android and viruses/malware. It basically said how ripe the Android Marketplace was vulnerable to virus/malware attacks and how the free and even paid antivirus apps could not detect most of what was bad out there.

So of course I went out and downloaded a few more antivirus/antimalware apps to run just for good measure. And then today I read that Google's open-source software leader, Chris DiBona says this is all scare tactics to sell apps.

What is your take on all this?




Hi crew,
I am i kid looking to buy the kindle fire.
I only have a couple of questians.
I come from the community that doesnt like to pay for stuff.
If i take a movie from my computer and put it in amazon cloud drive in the movies folder, will i be able to stream it to my kindle?
Can i download stuff from amazon silk strait to the tablet?
Thank you


I was able to upload a 1GB h.264/mp4 movie (ripped from DVD using Handbrake) to Amazon's cloud drive and download it back down to the Fire without any problem, though navigating Cloud Drive though the 7-inch screen isn't exactly fun. I didn't try streaming it, I went right for the download, so I don't know about that one. The good news is that yes, you can download files directly off the internet and play them back.

Two other things to note. We were able to fit a maximum of 5GB of our own video content onto the Kindle Fire via USB transfer. Even with large files, that's still enough room to keep you entertained for a few hours. Also, video files you transfer or download will show up in the included Gallery app, not the Video menu on the front page. This is a holdover from Android and it throws some people. The video menu is really just there for Amazon content.

Hope that helps. - Donald Bell


@zeusmannj Greg Zeus

@NotMyRealName why is there such a difference when rooting evo 3d between 1.5 and below?


@stanthejeep Adam Miller
@NotMyRealName talk about the best bridge phones... ie the phones that we should buy now and return when the gnex arrives (assume <30 days)


Ben from Florida calls in with a question about Bluetooth streaming

Bruce from Ottawa Canada call in about bloatware on Android phones


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