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Android Atlas Weekly 84: Chrome finally hits Android (Podcast)

Chrome comes to Android with one gigantic caveat. Or maybe two. And we are joined by cell phone expert Jessica Dolcourt who gives us her personal opinion of Android.

Chrome comes to Android with one gigantic caveat. Or maybe two. And we are joined by cell phone expert Jessica Dolcourt who gives us her personal opinion of Android.

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-Three years on, Chrome at last arrives on Android

-Verizon Galaxy Nexus loses Google support

-Google Voice gets the Ice Cream Sandwich treatment

-Motorola patent license will cost Apple 2.25% of sales

-Google secretly testing pair of connected devices

-An Android tablet for the tub

-Superslim Samsung Galaxy S III could drop in May

-HTC hoping Studio can revitalize brand in 2012

-Transparent Screen


Here is a HTTP user-agent for the Android Browser:
Mozilla/5.0 (Linux; U; Android 2.2.1; en-us; MB525 Build/3.4.2-107_JDN-9) AppleWebKit/533.1 (KHTML, like Gecko) Version/4.0 Mobile Safari/533.1

Webkit is based on the KHTML rendering engine, which is was first seen in KDE’s web browser Konqueror. Apple forked KHTML in 2002 to develop Webkit.

It’s sad to see Antgoo leave, at least now he won’t be flailing his phone at the Camera for dates.
- kevin


Hey guys, I just caught your podcast for this week, where you talk
about bigger screen sizes. I must be in a minority, as I want my phone
screen as LARGE as possible, given that I just the screen (games, web
surfing, videos, etc) exponentially more than making calls. If I
could’ve got a GNexus at the size of a Note or Dell Streak, I would’ve
in a hearbeat!

Great show



Voice mail about Facebook. Fit it in where ever


Hi my name is josh from the Chicago area. in response to your voice mail about the callers phone not syncing with Facebook. You over looked the most valuable piece of evidence in that call. The fact he said he had a galaxy nexus.

Facebook blocking syncing is so last summer news. Right about the time google plus rolled out Facebook blocked syncing to the nexus class phones. When I bought my Nexus S 4G the Sprint employee reminded me. I can’t remember if it was exactly Facebook that did this or google.

The other Android phones can do it because whatever skin they run is actually doing the Facebook syncing not Android. So if your running a pure vanilla Android (Nexus class) you cannot sync because Facebook and google can’t get along in the social network arena. I knew this when I bought my Nexus S 4G and honestly don’t miss it seeing as I have over 400 friends on Facebook and that just clogs up my contact list and my phone would always blow up all day with Facebook notifications and run the battery down even faster.

Love the show


Hey guys! Love the show, been listening for a few months now. As a truck driver, it really helps the miles fly by.

I bought the Motorola Bionic in September and saw the data connectivity issues almost immediately. Heard there was going to be an OTA update that would fix this problem. Well, I got said OTA update, but airplane mode is still my most used app on my phone in order to reset my data connection. I randomly, and frequently lose my data connection (4G & 3G) out of nowhere. Is there an actual, working fix on the way that you guys know about?

Thanks for all the hard work and great entertainment.
Matt from Colorado Springs.



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