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Android Atlas Weekly 77: The Galaxy Nexus, still on track to be released "this year" (Podcast)

The Galaxy Nexus goes on sale in Australia while Verizon promises us it is still on track to go on sale in the U.S. this year. We have 2 weeks left and we're placing bets. We take a look at a $99 Ice Cream Sandwich Tablet with a $60 shipping fee and we analyze which Android Apps are the most popular.

The Galaxy Nexus goes on sale in Australia while Verizon promises us it is still on track to go on sale in the U.S. this year. We have 2 weeks left and we're placing bets. We take a look at a $99 Ice Cream Sandwich Tablet with a $60 shipping fee and we analyze which Android Apps are the most popular.

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-Samsung's Galaxy Nexus unveiled in Australia

-Galaxy Nexus to go on sale this week?

-Verizon on Galaxy Nexus, still on track to launch "this year"

-Huawei Honor gets Android Ice Cream update first

-$99 Ice Cream Sandwich Tablet to Debut in US

-Malicious Android apps double in six months

-Which Android apps are the most popular?

-Google's response to Siri is codenamed Majel, could be released by end of year

-Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 now flying with American Airlines

APP of the WEEK:



Two things on the recent episode:

I use PicPlz and think it's as good if not better than Instagram especially since it's cross-platform....but that said, Instagram has API hooks that allow you to do things with the service that at the moment you cannot to with PicPlz. If you use the website If This Then That ( then you can setup triggers off Instagram. For example you could setup a ""recipe"" so that every time you upload to Instagram it tweets or post to Facebook that picture. Or if you post a picture to Facebook have it copy that to Instagram. Also Tweetdeck shows Instagram photos when you click the link without having to leave the application where clicking on a PicPlz link will open the browser. Hopefully PicPlz will catch up to this soon because I like the API hooks with Instagram, but hate the closedness of the service to just iPhone users.

Second...quit hating the Blackberry OS. You need to find someone with a new OS7 touch screen device and play with it because the thing is dang zippy! Much fast than my Droid3. I still think there is a place in the Enterprise for Blackberry and it's still the best at communications for business. That said, Android and IOS is tops for consumers in my opinion. Like you is what works for that user.



This is a great show & I learned a lot. I""am in the process of switching from I PHONE to Android. I started uploading my itunes music into Google music, syncing my Outlook with Gmail. I""ve been checking the Androids phones for the last 3 months and decided to buy a
Samsung Galaxy S2. Then I heard about ICS and the Nexus. Then I heard there is no mass storage. My reason for the change is the drop and drag feature. I was also going to buy the GALAXY Tab 10.1 and I found out from TWIT TV that you cannot drop & drag on this device either. That is the reason for my switch.

I'm looking for an Android tablet & phone that I can drop and drag & the tablet has to have a data plan. Do you have any suggestions.

Keep up the great work.



As much as I'd like to point the finger at Verizon, it seems that GOOGLE might not be promoting the ""open"" philosophy on their google app that fans want to see after all. It seems they're refusing to open up the API to the secure element (SE) and Verizon wants to use it for their ISIS. If this is true, I think google should be encouraging competition instead of pulling a stunt like that. - Mark


I haven't heard so much whining in my life. I couldn't believe the amount of negativity coming from the hosts of Android Atlas Weekly. I admittedly am a Android fan girl but I know that there are cons as well as pros that come along with buying into the Android/Google eco system, such as the lack of support from Google and fragmentation. I don't mind hearing criticism about Android phones, but to say that because "Galaxy Nexus" is delayed therefore, one should just buy an iphone is kinda crazy. I just purchased my second Android phone ,the Samsung Galaxy S II (AT&T version). Reports say that it will get Ice Cream Sandwich soon along with phones like the Motorola Droid Razr and the HTC Rezound. Maybe if I covered Android like you two, I would be annoyed but I made a conscience decision not to buy the Galaxy Nexus because I wanted a new phone but Christmas season put restraints on my budget. I hope those waiting won't have to wait much longer but I am very happy with my Galaxy S II and it does not lag at all. I can't imagine it being any more responsive than it is. I love your show. It is very informative and entertaining. I hope you guys are in a better mood next week. We all have those days, right?

Tina in Omaha


Hi Guys great show, I totally agree with Justin about Android having a PR problem, but don't know if its totally Google's fault.


How much do you think its the fault of US mobile carriers? We all know most carriers have to tweak ICS or any other Android version before they release it. This is usually to bundle some type of revenue generating content/service. I would like to know more about Google's collaboration with US carries- it seems like its been non-existent. But I have a feeling the carriers are dragging their feet for some internal marketing reason.

All take aside, I've been in the market for a Android tablet for months now and leaning for the Azus quad-core with ICS. Any idea when a quad-core ICS tablet will be available? - Marc


Hi Justin,

How's life? What are your plans for this Christmas?



Hi Guys,

I have another Galaxy Nexus question for you. You said on a previous episode that the Galaxy Nexus will arrive with some Verizon bloatware, which is disappointing to say the least, but will that mean the Galaxy Nexus will have to wait for Verizon to push out future Android versions?


It's my understanding that previous Nexus models received Android updates such as Gingerbread over the air from Google without any interaction from T-Mobile. I really want the Nexus but if Verizon cripples the best feature of a Nexus phone (i.e. receiving over the air updates) then I may not get it, sadly enough and honestly I may try another platform, Helloooooo Windows Phone 7! I'm sure some listeners would disagree with that choice but watching this phone get pushed back for no apparent reason has caused me to loose even more faith in Google and want to go somewhere else, I'm getting tired of all the headaches/disappointments.

A Sad Android Fanboy - Cody


If I root my phone (HTC Sensation) and put on a custom rom, is it possible to go back to Sense rom if I'm not liking the custom rom?



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