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Android Atlas Weekly 65: The manliest Android show on the 'Net (Podcast)

HTC's phone for ladies prompts us to try to decide on a phone for me, Google Wallet is finally here (kinda), and an app helps you stay under your data plan cap.

HTC's phone for ladies prompts us to try to decide on a phone for me, Google Wallet is finally here (kinda), and an app helps you stay under your data plan cap.

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Love the show.

I have a quick question. Why is it that the Android market doesn’t have the ability to the updated software on their site? What I mean is, why is Google not making incentives for developers to take say the HTC Thunderbolt and create a way to just download that honeycomb to the phone. What is the technological reason that Manufactures have to be relied upon to push the updates out? I’m equating it to a computer, I can run Windows Vista or I can run Windows 7 I just have to buy the software. Why can’t the Android market be the same way with Froyo or Gingerbread to Honeycomb or Icecream Sandwich? If the device can be compatible then just have it out there. I realize that every phone may be different but money talks and I’m sure there has to be a way for a person with a non-rooted phone to just be able to download software to upgrade to the next Android thing. Maybe it’s not even something that can be done now per se but shouldn’t Google be finding a way to do it from now on?

Thanks again for the show,



Hey Guys,

Love the show but it’s obvious you don’t have young children by the way you (especially Justin) made fun of the Android based Walkman prototype.

My 14 and 11 year old kids, their friends, and my co-worker’s kids all have iTouchs. I have NO interest in giving my kids PHONES with LIMITED DATA PLANS where they can watch YouTube, stream music, watch Netflix, play MMOs, send/receive large pictures/videos/etc via email. They have cheep messaging phones that are moderately rugged compared to the big-screened iPhone or Android phones with the data turned off. While in a WiFi area they have “”smart phone like”" capabilities. If they break their iTouch I can still call them. If we go out of the country (my wife is from India) I don’t have to worry about them accidentally using data.

Right now my daughters know iOS so guess what phone they want when I allow them to upgrade to a smart phone (once they have a way to pay for the increased cost and the monthly data plan).

Think hard now…

Tell you what, I’ll give you three guesses and the first two don’t count.



Hey i love the show but i noticed in one of your episodes you said that PMP’S were a dying market. I dis-agree i am an 12 year old boy who by the way understands and enjoys your show i know things from specs to OS’S in fact i am building my own mobile OS so don’t underestimate me and my knowledge. i do not think you understand how high in demand iPod touches are. i got the iPod touch 4th generation near the time of release and took it to school EVERYBODY FREAKED OUT OVER IT AND WANTED TO USE IT. apples issue is price if a manufacturer could make a PMP running android with the full market it could get a lot of people buying it
– maceo



This time a question and no criticism: I have an OG DROID & a DROID X, both since their respective Day 1′s. Love them both. I will be upgrading the X soon (not sure what to, but my contract renewal is burning a hole in my pocket). First, do I wait for the Prime? But I keep hearing now it might not be all it was originally rumored to be. Vigor? I waited so long for the Bionic, it can’t hurt to wait another month or so, but I’m going nuts!

Most importantly, on my X, I’ve conquered all of the levels of Angry Birds, every version, with 3 stars. I’m not rooted, is there any way a non-rooted user can back up apps (like Angry Birds) for transport to a new device? Is it even possible to transfer things at all? I would hate to have to beat all the levels again on my new device (whatever that may be)!

Love the show!

Bob from Philly”

Hey guys! I love the show. this might be a topic you have covered in the past. But, what is the best way to sync music from your pc to your android phone. I still use windows media not itunes.(yeah, I know don’t ask) but, i have trouble syncing my music. Also, would you purchase the galaxy s 2 epic touch 4g or wait for the next nexus phone? Im ready for a new phone but, i like to get the most up to date phone thats out at the time? need your opinion thanks!



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