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Android Atlas Weekly 63: The show where we ask, "Why?" (Podcast)

Prime, Vigor and Jetstream what are they? We'll tell you that and a whole lot more on this week's episode of Android Atlas Weekly.

Prime, Vigor and Jetstream what are they? We'll tell you that and a whole lot more on this week's episode of Android Atlas Weekly.

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Samsung May Buy WebOS

CyanogenMod Brings Android to the HP TouchPad [Video]

Sony bets on quality with S and P Android tablets

HTC Jetstream 10.1-inch tablet coming to AT&T Sept. 4 for $700$700

Sony debuts Android-based Walkman prototype

Android nabs 41 percent share in U.S., study finds

Motorola Droid Bionic finally launching Sept. 8

Fake ‘Droid Bionic’ Twitter is fake


Report: Verizon to launch Samsung Droid Prime in October

HTC Vigor surfaces in pictures

Motorola to kick off Xoom 4G LTE upgrade?

App of the Week

Launcher 7


Hey Guys,

While watching the show (on my TiVo HD, thanks CNet for having content) this week you read an email that got me to thinking…

Is it illegal for a carrier to limit my actions if I’m not breaking the law? My phone tethers just fine without having to pay them to ensure a good experience. And like everyone has said, we’re already paying for data to our phone (aka access point). Seriously, I’d join a class action against carriers for extortion and racketeering.

Another question somewhat in line with this. Is it true some carriers will terminate your contract for rooting?

Trey in Texas


Thunderbolt ROM

I badly want to make the move to cyanogenmod on my thunderbolt but I really just can’t make heads tails or anything else about what I dig up about installing the mr2.5 or mr2 updates I really need help in understanding the good bad and reason for those updates. Ps. Love the show and watch it every week. – Travis


Do Specs Matter?

Yes, but I would say that the tables have turned and specs should show
what sucks about a phone. Warnings should be for

<3MP camera
-no flash
<1Ghz processor
<1GB on board memory. (250MB is not enough)
<android 2.2

That may be good enough for a simple user but most people care to have
at least a ""par"" phone over a ""sub par""

Mike S.



Hi this is Ryan from Westminster Md.
I really like the keyboard that comes with the Logitech Revue. But the keyboard itself will cost $180.00. So it would be cheaper to just buy the Revue, since it comes with the keyboard and it is only $99.99. My question is, how useful will the Google TV be? Will investing in the Revue be a waste of time and money? Is there a CNETTV app for it? (I NEED my tech fix) or is Google TV Just dead?
Thank you, keep up the good work.

Has anyone told you that you look like Ray Romano from Everybody Loves Raymond. Sorry Justin


Hi guys

Love your show, watch it every week. But you can make it even better:

Please stop talking so much about the droid bionic. You have concluded yourself that the phone is out of date when it finally launches and frankly that story does not justify taking up so much of your time (almost 20% of your last show). It is not interesting!

Also, I think a 30 minute format is better suited for the program – more news, less internal joking please.

Show is good, make it world-class

Best regards


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