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Android apps: What would you want?

A post asking readers what applications they would want from the Android Market for phones.

Google's Android Market
These screen shots show the Android-phone interface to the Android Market. The software shows what applications can be downloaded and reviews of applications that people are browsing. Google

Arguably one of the best things to come out of the iPhone 2.0 firmware update, as well as the launch of the iPhone 3G, is the ability for the iPhone to install third-party applications directly to the phone via the App Store. Well, Google's new Android OS will also support such a service in the form of the Android Market.

As Google announced on Thursday, the Android Market is an online marketplace that will let you find, buy, download, and rate applications (which sounds eerily similar to the iPhone App Store). And, as you can see from the example screen shots, it appears that applications like a ringtone editor, a talking compass, and a barcode scanner, are already in the works.

This brings up the question of the kind of applications we would want for the Android phone. Access to Google apps like Google Calendar, Google Docs, and Google Reader is a given (we assume), so that leaves the door wide open for more innovative applications. We would personally love to see a multi-IM client, and an Android equivalent of the iPhone's song-identification apps like Shazam would be nice, too. One thing we would really love is turn-by-turn directions, which the iPhone currently lacks.

How about you, dear readers? What would you want to see in the Android Marketplace? What do you think would make a killer app for the Android phone? Let us know in the comments below.