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Android and e-ink YotaPhone launches December 4

Followers of tech curios like the dual-personality YotaPhone, mark your calendars.

After years in development, the YotaPhone -- with its split Android/e-paper personality -- is here. Yota Devices

We knew that YotaDevices, makers of the rather individual YotaPhone, had a December launch date in mind, but now it's official.

The event that kicks off one of the more interesting smartphone concepts we've seen this year takes place in Moscow on December 4.

It still isn't evident how much the YotaPhone's hardware and software specs have changed since we first laid eyes and hands on the dual-screen Android phone at CES last January, but we're hoping that the handset has grown up in this respect.

Design-wise, the body shape looks the same as what we saw so many months ago, with a tall, narrow body, and a camera module at the bottom left of the screen. The real curiosity is on the phone's flip side, an always-on e-paper display that's designed to save battery (and maybe be kinder to your e-book-reading eyes.)

The YotaPhone's manufacturer promises the device will go on sale "in early December," presumably in Russia first, with other markets to follow. We'll keep you posted with all the details as soon as we get them. In the meantime, check out our hands-on video below, and read the pros and cons in our hands-on take.

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