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Android 4.3 updates begin for Samsung Galaxy S4

Jelly Bean over-the-air updates have started flowing for the GT-I9505 version of the Samsung Galaxy S4.

Android KitKat might be in the news right now, but it's Jelly Bean that's being sent as an operating system update.

(Credit: Sarah Tew/CNET)

SamMobile is reporting that the update has begun for the GT-I9505 model of the Samsung Galaxy S4 — the one mostly likely to be owned by Australians who didn't shop via the parallel market.

The update comes with a refresh of Samsung's TouchWiz UI. SamMobile notes that many of the changes will be in performance, rather than appearance, but users should see sharper colours, changes to the default Samsung keyboard and some UI tweaks.

We've checked the Galaxy S4 units in the office, and we've had no update at this time. However, the update is being rolled out in phases, and carrier-branded phones may take longer, as the telcos often have to approve the update before allowing it over the network.

This update will also include Galaxy Gear smart watch support for the S4, which currently only works with the Galaxy Note 3 smartphone.